EYE ON A DIME: A Fashion Blog

Eye On A Dime is the fashion blog for style on a budget. Highlighting a different feature each week, Eye On A Dime strives to teach its readers how to train their eye to spot trends, style, and deals!



With so many fashion and lifestyle blogs out there, what would make Eye On A Dime unique?  Research for Eye On A Dime included extensive look into existing fashion blogs to uncover what works and what doesn’t.


The blog wanted to maintain a traditional blog layout and web aesthetic to cater to the intuition of users and what they have come to expect from websites. However, I noticed that most blogs make photos too big so the user ends up having to scroll to see the entire image. When it comes to viewing an entire outfit, scrolling takes away from a photographs impact. This major change for Eye on the Dime allows photos to be as large as possible on a screen without having to scroll.

Click-through: With all websites, but blogs especially, the goal is to get users to continue interacting with the site. Thus it was important to implement multiple ways to continue clicking and linking to new pages on the site. Click-through was considered for a desktop layout and then also formatted for mobile.

Catering to the Mobile Generation: With more people accessing the internet on their phones, Eye On A Dime, needed to have just as much accessibility and impact on a mobile scale as it did for the website. The mobile version retains the same principle of large images to the size of the screen without having to scroll, but the images are stacked.

Visual design: The aesthetic of Eye On A Dime is minimal, with lots of white space, and modern text. The goal was to allow the images to shine. Details like the eye logo and conscious colored text add some fun and quirkiness.



Try Eye On A Dime's website prototype here.