ZODIAPP is an app that provides information about the Chinese Zodiac including daily horoscopes, character traits for each sign, and the story behind the animals.


  • How can users that are familiar and unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiac both use the same platform?

  • Can one application be both informative and entertaining?


Since this project was by my own invention, my user research involved my imagination of what this product could feature and how people would interact with it. It was important to me that ZODIAPP was concise, tangible, and visually pleasing.


ZODIAPP is designed to provide as little or as much information as the user wants. Built for a tablet interface, ZODIAPP combines the touch sensitivity of mobile display with the clarity of a website. Each section is formatted like a page to allow the user to easily toggle between them.

Weighted wheel: Meant to simulate the fortuitous nature of horoscopes, the main feature of ZODIAPP is a spinning wheel that will respond directly to the user’s touch. A fast swipe of the finger will spin the wheel quickly, while a slow drag gives the user more control over the wheel’s landing.

Visual design: inspired by Chinese landscape paintings, the overall aesthetic of ZODIAPP features a pastel color scheme, watercolor textures, and bold black brush strokes. The illustrations of the animals bring to life the dichotomy of a traditional theme with its new digital format.


See animation of the interaction design below: