Music Interaction Design: Progress Report / by Maya Pruitt

Target Audience:

I have been thinking a lot about this project this week. I think the challenge of designing a user path, rendered me a bit of artist’s block. My original intention, I’m realizing is more SOUND interaction verses MUSIC interaction. I still need to flesh this, but going over all the music education tools in class was quite inspiring. Aaron made a comment in class, that these tools don’t often encourage singing which is for many people an easier entry point. So I think I would like to make my target audience singing learners. At least for now. I’d like to continue exploring the idea of vocal input + data visualization. A tool that helps singers learn pitch by following the user path. Then perhaps after this tutorial, they can be encouraged to use it to make their own sounds/music/performance, which then more experienced music makers could enjoy as well.

Aural Mood Board:

My vocalist friends declare this as a more introductory level choir piece. I think this could be a good place to start for easier harmonies and it is quite recognizable.

Another recommendation from my classically trained friend. We like the color and texture of the different voices in combination.

An example of stunning high notes, supported by the other vocalists. I like that it features an individual but still sounds whole only when there are many voices.

Harmonies with more of a synth/techno sound. This could be an interesting option. Perhaps a user can harmonize with software sounds as opposed to other voices.

A fun Jazz piece with vocal harmonies. I like the playfulness of the fast rhythm.

I love when you can hear how a harmony builds. The simplicity of adding each part over the original voice is very satisfying.

The human voice is a powerful instrument. I love how this completely instrumental piece with no lyrics of any kind transformed when sung by a group a cappella.

User Path:

Still working on this. I have never made music before and Ableton is quite overwhelming. I tried recording voice, but the volume is almost indiscernible!

But ideally the path is a few individual notes, with pause for the user to repeat them, move to chords, then melodies.