Scent Tasting: a Study of Presence by Jacky Chen & Maya Pruitt / by Maya Pruitt

Since VR is often highly visual, we wanted to pair it down on what other elements or sense modalities make us feel present or immersed. The experiment invited participants to smell 6 different scent and listened to an accompanying sound, while blindfolded, inspired by a sort of wine tasting.

These were the pairings:

  1. Apple Cider + Informational narration about Cider making

  2. Brazilian Coffee + Personal story from coffee growers

  3. Lavender + Sound of buzzing bee

  4. Smoked Cedar Whiskey + “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton

  5. Chocolate Chai + Ambient sound of an Indian market

  6. Rum + A cappella pirate song

Some pairings had more obvious correlation, others were purposefully contrasting.