Music Interaction Design: Post Midterm Progress / by Maya Pruitt

After presenting my midterm, I felt I was on the right track. I received positive feedback for the overall concept and aesthetic, but was encourage to take it further. In addition, I realized that the FFT() and getCentroid() functions I were using didn’t quite give me the accuracy I was looking for. Although it was suggested before to use ml5, I think I stayed away from it because I was too nervous to delve into another coding library. I stuck with what was familiar but I ended up applying the wrong tool to my task.

Since the midterm my main focus has been transferring my current progress over to ml5 for improved accuracy. However, it almost feels like a step back because it took me a while just to understand ml5 and get the pitchDetection examples running (after starting a server, I can only run the pitchDetection examples in FireFox, no other browsers! grrr why??).

Coding for me is a quite painstaking activity. It is kind of ironic that I’ve chosen a final project that is primarily coding-based, so it is slow going, but it is going.

I wish I had more to show, but I feel good about my current understanding of ml5, the example pitchDetection programs, and how to modify them for what I want to do.