Data Art: Week One - Visualizing Hemlock Tree Data / by Maya Pruitt

For this assignment we were asked to visualize a dataset about a hemlock tree that lived from 1579 to 2000. The data includes ring width in millimeters for each year, as well as the growth index.

Visualization #1:

This takes the in class example and animates it to show the change over time. By changing the for loop into an if statement, the points can be drawn one at a time. It gives a nice effect of adding more information throughout the lifespan of the tree.

Visualization #2:

This version creates rings based on the value of the ring width. It is linear like the in-class example to create a familiar timeline visual. Left most side is 1579 and right is 2000. If the ring outline is larger that indicates larger ring width. This visualization is quite chaotic and hard to decipher.

Visualization #3:

This visualization is meant to replicate tree cross sections that show concentric circles of tree growth. It is a very literal interpretation, but It challenged me to truly represent the meaning of ring width. Each year the ring will form around the previous one. The ring width is the space between rings. Ultimately, the tree’s lifespan is the sum of all the ring widths.

Visualization #4:

I wanted to extract the other column of data for this one which is the growth index values. I wanted to represent how from year to year the grow index either increases or decreases. I think the algorithm I used for this is off, but it is meant to depict increase as green circles and decrease as red circles.