Designing Club Culture: Audio Track / by Maya Pruitt

I was inspired by “Cloudburst” a Jazz song by Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross from 1960. The fast rhythms and vocal acrobatics of the singers really draw you in and make you want to move. I wanted to encapsulate this groovy feeling with a more electronic style and encourage my audience to tap their foot or dance. I used the opening rift and chord progressions from Cloudburst as the foundation of my track. Layered on top are some Jazz nods such as a repetitive high hat and saxophone in the chorus. These jazzy sounds combine with more EDM riffs, to transform it into a very spacey tinny feel. Since I am not a musician, this was especially challenging. I found it would be easy to fall out or key or off beat. I think there are still parts that don’t sound quite right, but I am happy with the overall upbeat nature of the piece. Looking up sheet music, using a MIDI keyboard, and watching tutorials helped the track come to fruition. My goal is to make a heavier EDM track in the future, with a super pronounced drop.