PComp Final Proposal / by Maya Pruitt

Group: Working with Dylan Dawkins and Cara Neel


Using projections, we want to transform ideally any corner of the room into an underwater escape room experience.

Quick sketches by Cara to illustrate our initial vision

Quick sketches by Cara to illustrate our initial vision

After talking with David about this, we realized that world building is a pretty huge undertaking. We needed to decide whether the user is meant to simple explore it or if they are a character in a narrative. To help frame the world, we fused these concepts together, creating a story that guides the user through exploration in our world, and then to escape it!

Here is a link to our initial storyboard.

Thinking through the technical aspects and interactions: we thought about gesture capture or building some sort of remote control but we ultimately decided that the main physical interactions would be created with pressure plate switches on the floor and wall (linked to an Arduino). The Arduino would then communicate with Unity to build the 3D modeled world to be projected


PURPOSE: We want to create an experience that alters perception, and changes the way you expect a surface to act. We want to heighten physicality by allowing the user to walk around and engage with the world with their hands and feet. It is an opportunity for people to reflect how their presence affects space, while playing a surreal game.

Next steps:

-playing around with projections

-building the Unity world

-creating plate switches to trigger changes to the projection