CataclysmVR / by Maya Pruitt

Cataclysm VR seeks to recreate the most recent mass extinction in history - the destruction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago - so we may experience a cataclysmic asteroid impact that we could never have witnessed first hand.

How? This VR experience was designed in Unity. Users are encouraged to sit in a swivel chair to give them 360 degree movement. The mechanics work so that user will move forward in the direction of their gaze when they push a remote button.

Why? CataclysmVR was an exploration of the balance between explanation and self-discovery. When illustrating a time in history, should it be a cinematic experience or an interactive narrative? We were really curious about choose-your-own-adventure style dynamics and how users might be affected by different possible endings. We played with ideas of eliciting emotion, granting/restricting agency, as well as creating suspense and surprise.

The experience incorporates technical applications of NavMeshes, AI, animation, transitional scenes, and spatial sound in Unity.

Link to presentation deck.