PComp Final UX Research / by Maya Pruitt

Playtests are a really important part of developing an interactive device. When you are so close to something it’s hard to know if what you’ve planned actually works for real people.

It was important for us to observe how people would use the plate switches or buttons on the wall and whether or not they felt inclined enough to explore.

PLAYTEST for 11/15/18:

Objective: Discover how people will explore our underwater world

We want to give limited instructions and see how people react.

Do they walk around? Will they figure out how stepping in a certain place changes the world? Can they figure out that certain objects in the world can be manipulated by physical touch?

Set up:

  • 2 plate switches on the floor under yoga mats, hidden in random places. These control the orientation of the projected world (One moves left, one moves right).

  • 1 Plate switch on the wall that changes the color of one object to red when it is pressed and the object is in view.

  • Attach comp to HDMI projector in the classroom to display the Unity world on back wall

Instructions for the user:

“One object in the scene can change visually. Find it and change it.”

Video includes users from Playtest #1 – 11/15 and Playlets #2 – 12/6


  • Figuring out that stepping will move the view of the world was intuitive

  • Pressing the “button” on the wall was not

  • How are we giving directions?

    • Screen prompts? Audio?

  • How do we indicate that the wall is interactive?

    • Outline of hand, obvious button, projection mapping (create panel with buttons behind it)

After our playtest we also finalized our storyboard and created a table to plan out exactly what is happening at each moment.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.31.29 AM.png